Deep In Space Screensaver

Deep In Space Screensaver 2.1

Deep In Space Screensaver brings outer space to your monitor
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Don’t you sometimes wish the future was here and you could travel to other planets on a spaceship?
Deep In Space Screensaver brings outer space to your monitor.
This awesome screensaver will take you on a journey way beyond the planet Earth.
You will be aboard a spaceship heading somewhere deep in space. Final destination? Unknown.
During your journey you will be able to see magnificent views of other planets and stars.
You will awe at their sizes and magnificence.

But then you will notice that you are not alone in this vast space. From one end of your view you will see another spaceship flying below you and heading to a mysterious place.
From one side there comes a communications satellite and then another one.

Then you will pass by another planet the reflection of which will tint the scenery with weird colors.
And even more smaller spaceships and stellar objects.
The rotation of the planets and the effects with the sun and stars look so real that you might think you are really riding on a ship out there.
The soothing music is very appropriate for the ambiance of the place.
Deep In Space Screensaver will really help you to release your mind from this world.

It will surely attract the attention of your family or coworkers.

Fernando Soni
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  • Beautiful pictures
  • Very realistic
  • Good music


  • Nothing worth mentioning
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